1. When are the 2022 AGFF evaluations?
Evaluations will be held July 11th and 12th at 6:00PM.

2. When does season start?
Our 21st season begins August 13th!

3. When does season end?
The season will end in early November.

4. How many days a week are practices and games?
Each team can only meet 3 times a week. This could mean that your daughter may have 1 game and 2 practices or 2 games and 1 practice.

5. When are practices?
Your daughter's practice schedule will depend on her coach's availability. The practice days will be either Monday/Wednesday's or Tuesday/Thursday's. 

6. When are games?
Games will be held on Monday's , Wednesday's, and Saturday's. 

7. How old do I have to be to coach?
You must be 18 years old to be a head coach. However, you can be an assistant coach starting at the age of 15. 

8. Is there training for first time coaches?
Yes! We will have a coaches clinic for all of our awesome coaches! We are waiting for this date to be approved by the AAL.

9. How do I Sponsor? 
You rock for wanting to support our girls! Go to our sponsor tab on our homepage, fill out our form and email it to A board member will respond ASAP with more details. 

10. What kind of cleats do girls wear in flag football?
A cleat style will differ from each player. We suggest a soccer style cleat because it is generally a lighter cleat to wear, but any cleat is accepted with the exception of metal cleats!